Rediscovering the inherent possibilities arising from the limitations encountered in early computer generated and aided graphics, inspired by the motion graphics approaches of John Whitney Snr. A computational arts research and theory project.


During the first term of 2021 I will be writing short essays, digging into certain aspects of early computer graphics, that display insights and examples of how artists have worked within, and attempted to circumvent the limitations that the technology of the time provided to them - yet created works which have a beauty and majesty that is because of those limitations - not despite them.

Navagraha discussion
A VR Application
Recreating the base mechanical system as a VR application for further exploration
Defining a test bed
In order to try out some of the ideas researched in this project, it's useful to define a standard testbed which we can apply these too.
Project Proposal
Proposal for Individual Research Project, in Computational Arts-Based Research and Theory (2020-21)
Research Topics
Initial thoughts on research topics to cover within this project…