Rediscovering the inherent possibilities arising from the limitations encountered in early computer generated and aided graphics, inspired by the motion graphics approaches of John Whitney Snr. A computational arts research and theory project.

harmono×graph collects together my thoughts, and the eventual artefact of my Computational Arts Research & Theory project, as part of my MFA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths London. It starts with the inspiration of the work of John Whitney Snr. and his brother James. Early pioneers in computer aided graphics. Specifically it aims to look at the limitations Computational Artists have found themselves subject to, due to technological progress, access and cost, particularly those which may at the time have seen as having detrimental impact on an artists practice, but through the lens of time and progress can be seen to offer unique and tantalising possibilities. In particular, it explores the ideas of what could have been were the graphics capabilities of computers harnessed and driven by artists for arts sake, as opposed to the pipeline that has evolved from the goal of producing greater, and greater realism in real world simulacra…